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Endangered Missing - Ashley Nicole Summers

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Ashley (Nicole) Summers - Missing Endangered

Thank you for visiting our Webpage!  Unfortunately, Ashley is still missing - all these years later.  We are very blessed that "freeservers" has this free webpage builder for us to use. 

Ashley has been missing since 2007.  We hope that she will come home one day!  Our family loves her and misses her very much.  Ashley has little sisters and a brother that have never met her.  She has cousins that have never met her.  It is very sad that we have not heard from her for so long.  The FBI has added an age progressed picture to her poster.  Please send this website around so people can see the updated photo. 

Please continue to spread the word and link to this website.  Any prayers are appreciated too. We know one day we will find Ashley.


-John and Linda Summers

Ashley's Grandpa and step-Grandma

Original Alert for Ashley

The search continues for a 15-year-old West Side girl who has been missing for more than a year. Local and federal law enforcement officials are asking for the public's help in finding Ashley Summers, who was reported missing from her West 96th Street home, near Madison Avenue, on July 6, 2007.

Ashley is considered an endangered juvenile be cause of her age and the length of time she has been missing, authorities said.

FBI spokesman Scott Wilson said there is no indication of foul play, but it is possible she is being held against her will.

The task force is working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, Va., Wilson said.

Ashley is white, 5 feet 5, 130 pounds with blue eyes and brown hair. She has a tattoo of a heart on one arm with the name "Gene" inscribed on it.

Anyone with information regarding Ashley, or other fugitives, is urged to call the Cleveland/Cuyahoga Fugitive/Gang Task Force at 216-522-1400 or the Cleveland Police Department's 1st District at 216-623-5118.

The identity of callers will remain confidential. Reward money is available.


Over the past year, we (John and Linda Summers) have encountered many wonderful people.  On the flip side of that, we have also met con-artists and naysayers.  We also have others accusing us of profiting from Ashley Summers disappearance.  

This is our official response to anyone doubting, accusing or questioning our motives:

1.  John is Ashley's grandfather on her mother's side.  Ashley is his first grandchild and he was very close to her.  He bought her first bike before she was even in school.  

2.  Linda is John's second wife.  John and Linda were married in 2003 and have 2 children together. 

3.  Linda set-up this website on a free server so we did not occur any expense yet we could still have one central location for information about Ashley's disappearance.

4.  John and Linda have NEVER collected money for any expense related to finding Ashley, including, but not limited to, things such as flyers, gasoline, website or reward money.  As a matter of fact, Linda lost her job last year for taking too much time off for media relations in efforts to find Ashley.

5.  John and Linda keep in constant contact with Ashley's mother to make sure she is ok with the efforts they are putting forth in the search to find Ashley.

6.  LASTLY:  Linda has started a separate ministry to help ALL families of the missing with Prayer and Support....more information can be found on her separate website:


Dear Ashley:

Dear Ashley - If you happen to run across this website, please contact us.  Your papa and I (Linda) have set this page up to find you.  We cannot even talk about you without your papa crying.  I have been searching for you across the internet and hope to find you by getting your picture to as many people as I can.  Just please let us know you are OK.  We love you!       Linda